A Moderately Awesome Manifesto

Our environment affects us in profound, often unknowable ways. Where but in our home do we have the best chance to affect those surroundings? The M.A.Wood philosophy is to strike a fine balance between functionality and beauty with each and every piece, large or small. 



Look to the right before reading this.

Beauty does not necessarily need to be tempered by practicality. When the two can be harmoniously brought together, the choice becomes apparent; there is no choice.

Make your dinner with art; kick your heels up on art; do your taxes surrounded by art; make more art with art as the means. Heck yeah!



Look to the right prior to reading this.

While a billion-year-old pile of rocks may be lovely, most of us choose not to dwell in such environs (except Miguel).

Perhaps a thoughtfully curated abode reflecting your unique aesthetic would be more appropriate?

Ensconce yourself in beauty.


Love and Happiness

Look up in advance of reading this.

Life is famously 'solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short'.

Humanity, of course, is generally regarded as a rebellious, contrarian, stubborn bunch of louts.

Let us embrace our humanity by being kind, friendly, compassionate, and always fighting the arbitrary sorrow of existence by laughing at its patent absurdity!